From full service to situational support.

The mastery to adapt our services and capabilities to our customers business needs is an essential asset for a service project (Selected Service) or an "all under one roof approach" (Full Service / Private Label). Each customer’s situation is unique and requires a specific solution approach.

Full Service Solution
This Full Service Solution addresses customers and situations where the requirement/need for a product is known but resources (team, finance, time, innovation) are limited. The target might be to enter an undiscovered market niche or to have a preliminary product sketch on hand...
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Selected Services Solution
We strictly follow the business needs of the customer’s. Our range of services is flexible and can easily adapt to often complex global customer requirements. There are situations where only one or all services are needed. This aligns with our mission to Leverage Synergies...
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Private Label Solution
WIK has its roots in personal care, beverage systems, kitchen appliances, and power tools and provides Off-The-Shelf product options for many customers who desire to private-label. By leveraging our experience and designs, customers can reduce cost and minimize time to market...
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