Project & Process Excellence

Pursuing Excellence.

The path to a long-term partnership begins with meeting our customers’ expectations on a consistent basis. In order to provide the expected values to our customers, we do not compromise on efficiency in the project execution phase. As a company, we pursue excellence in both project and process management by following lean management principles.

  • Dedicated to high quality standards and efficiency
  • Strong capability to adapt to the needs of different types of customers and company cultures
  • Pursuing excellence as a continuous process

WIK adapts to different kinds of customers and project scope requirements, from the very spontaneous to the very structured. In order to adapt to these challenges, we employ project managers with outstanding people skills and experience with process management requirements. WIK continually invests in programs for continuous improvement in people skills, processes, and future technologies.

Project Management excellence

  • Continuous requirement and resource management
  • Solid product development process (PDP)
  • Planning, tracking/monitoring
  • Continuous risk assessment
  • The culture of international English-speaking teams facilitates communication between different locations and partners.
  • Early and coordinated involvement of all parties to provide seamless interaction from the start
  • One contact person but allocated responsibilities within WIK (production / development)
  • Close link to Key Account Management and commercial contact person
  • Long-term thinking

Process management excellence

  • Lean management orientated quality management, continuous improvement and process control
  • Incoming Inspection, Molding QA, Process Control, Outgoing Inspection and Approval & Test Lab
  • WIK is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified by INTERTEK
  • Approval & Test Lab (ATL) including EMC facility (since 2010), certified by VDE, SEMKO, KEMA and UL
  • Certified VDE approbation LAB, advanced food safety labs and PhDs
  • Tools and methods in use: 8D, 6 Sigma, APQP, Design and Process FMEA, PPAP
  • SAP supported processes
  • In-house tool design and toolmaking supports root cause control
  • Risk management and contingency plan in place at any time
  • Following the VDA standard closely helps to identify nonconformities at an early stage as well to improve the processes along the supply chain
Project plan
Training plan
WIK lean management system
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