In order to meet our global customer’s requirements for innovation in a highly competitive market, we have added a new factory in Prilep, North Macedonia to our facilities in Germany, HongKong, China and on Batam in Indonesia. This adds further geographical flexibility and competiveness to our customers.

WIK - Entwicklungs- und Service-GmbH & Co. KG/ Essen (Germany). Innovation center, key account management, after sales service.

WIK Far East Ltd. / Hong Kong (China).
Finance and customer service.

Shenzhen WIK Domestic Appliances Co. Ltd. / Shenzhen (China). Development support, industrialization, manufacturing, logistics.

PT. WIK Far East Batam / Batam (Indonesia).
Industrialization, manufacturing, logistics.

WIK Macedonia DOOEL / Prilep
Manufacturing and logistics

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